Lisa Vanderpump vs. Eileen Davidson: Housewife Feud Alert!

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If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you know that there's no shortage of drama in the lives of the SoCal socialites.

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Lisa V.

Sure, Brandi Glanville didn't return this season, but even without her sharp-tongued, wine-swilling spontaneity, the cast still has plenty to get fired up about.

In addition to the ongoing controversy surrounding Kim Richards' alcoholism (and her sister Kyle's attempts to pretend that everything is cool), this season promises some of the most random conflicts to date as a result of an ongoing dispute over Yolanda Foster's Lyme disease.

Yes, believe it or not, some of the ladies think Yolanda is faking her illness.

Needless to say, RHOBH is making a case for itself as the most bonkers series in the Housewives franchise, which is really saying something. 

So it's no wonder that Lisa Vanderpump (who also stars in the equally ridiculous Vanderpump Rules) is hoping to dial the drama down now that she's through filming for the season.

Unfortunately, it seems her co-star Eileen Davidson is having none of that.

According to Radar Online Lisa and Eileen have a full-blown feud going, and tensions between the co-stars are so high that Davidson couldn't herself from epically snubbing Vanderpump at a recent bravo party in LA:  

“Lisa Vanderpump approached Eileen to say hello and Eileen blatantly ignored her,” says one eyewitness. “Eileen was incredibly rude and gave a look to Lisa like she didn’t even know who she was.”

Apparently, Lisa was hoping to get on good terms with all of the ladies, but it seems that if Eileen wants war, she's got it:

“Lisa just wanted this season to be as drama-free as possible. Last season really stressed her out," says one insider.

“Lisa does not have much beef with any of the other girls, but she is also not going to tolerate this b-tch’s cattiness,” said the source...She is done trying to be friends with her if she’s going to act like a child. It's on!"

The show's sixth season just started, so we don't know what exactly went down between Lisa and Eileen yet, but we're certainly looking forward to finding out!

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