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The relationship between Kylie Jenner and Tyga has always been a bit creepy.

After all, Kylie and Tyga started dating she was just 17, and they kept their relationship under wraps for the better part of a year due to her age. But until yesterday, many of Kylie’s fans didn’t realize they actually met when she was much younger.

14-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Talks About Tyga

Apparently, Kylie was spending afternoon watching herself slowly transform into Kim Kardashian in old episodes of her family;s reality shows (a favorite pastime, we’re sure), and she stumbled upon the above scene in which she first meets Tyga…when she was just 14.

Thankfully, there was nothing romantic about their first encounter.

Kylie simply had a hand in hiring Tyga to perform at Kendall’s birthday party, as he was her favorite rapper at the time.

Yes, the really shocking thing about all of this is that Tyga was someone’s favorite rapper at one point.

We doubt he still enjoys that status, as Kendall is reportedly one of the many who has begged Kylie to dump Tyga.

So far, of course, Kylie isn’t listening to her family’s pleas.

Maybe she shared the KUWTK scene on Snapchat in order to remind Kendall that she played a role in the founding of Kyga.

Or maybe she still just doesn’t realize how creepy the relationship is.