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Did Kylie Jenner just announce her pregnancy to the world?! 

Kylie Jenner and Tyga on V-Day

We’re praying the answer is no, but she just posted a disturbing video to Snapchat that may be suggesting just that.

Last night, Kylie was documenting her every move, as she does, on the way to The Nice Guy club in Los Angeles.

She was taking video selfies and admiring herself singing with her friends in the back seat of a car as they were mugging to the camera. You know, standard Kylie stuff.

But when she arrived at the club, she – and her camera phone – spotted her bae Tyga and snapped a video with an alarming caption.

Tyga, Kylie Jenner's baby daddy?

Yep, that says "Baby daddy."

God, no.

While Tyga is the father of Blac Chyna’s child, we have doubts that the 18-year-old would refer to her boyfriend as someone else’s baby daddy in her snap.

Could she mean future baby daddy? Possibly, but Kylie’s a celebrity and a social media maven, and she knows posting a caption like that is going to send tongues a-wagging.

For the last couple years, fans have been concerned that Kylie’s been growing up too fast and essentially trying to become her older sister Kim Kardashian, but this is too much.

Back in December, there were reports that Kylie was jealous of the attention Kim was getting after giving birth to baby Saint. 

Getting preggers at age 18 by a 26-year-old D-list rapper, possible pedo and confirmed douchebag is definitely a way to grab attention, but not in a good way.