Kristin Douglas: Beyonce's "Cousin" Becomes Insta-Famous For Kardashian-Like Curves

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Kristin Douglas is a nurse and mother of two who rocketed to Internet fame over night in about the same way as Kim Kardashian.

No, she didn't make a sex tape with Ray J, but she does know a few famous folks, and she's blessed in the booty department.

Kristin Douglas: Beyonce's Hot "Cousin"

That's Kristin on the right, posing with an up-and-coming singer named Beyonce at a funeral for man named Skip.

Skip's passing was quickly overshadowed, as Instagram went absolutely insane at the sight of Kristin's ass.

A rumor that she's Bey's cousin, meanwhile, spread like wildfire.

Douglas spoke with TMZ and answered a few important questions about the pic that's gained her an astonishing 70,000 Instagram followers in just 48 hours.

For one thing, she's not Beyonce's cousin.

In fact, they're not even related. At all.

The man they were mourning was actually the godfather of Kristin and her sister Kelsi (on the left) and Beyonce's uncle.

But this is the Internet. Who cares about the details?

Especially when there's a gigantic butt involved, right?

Anyway, Beyonce's cousin or not Beyonce's cousin, Kristen is already getting attention from unnamed famous rappers.

Oh, yes. They've been hollering 24/7, sliding into her DMs, along with promoters from clubs who want her to do appearances.

Hey, we live in a world where Amber Rose compares herself and Kim Kardashian to Beyonce, which was actually a thing that she said.

Even though those first two are basically just famous for having giant asses, that comparison was made and, well, not entirely inaccurate.

We don't begrudge Kristin her 15 minutes of bootylicious fame, especially since it seems like she could care less about being famous.

Just ask this other Kim K. lookalike ...

... or this other one for that matter:

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