Kate Middleton: Furious Camilla is Finding Prince Harry a Wife?

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She's got her hands full with a toddler and an infant, but "finding wife for Harry" must be written down somewhere in her diary.

Prince Harry, Camilla and Kate Middleton: Trooping the Colour 2015

The Duchess of Cambridge is apparently fuming that Prince Harry has enlisted the help of his step-mother, the Duchess of Cornwall in a quest to find true love.  

Or a wife.  Whichever comes first.

This is according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, a site that never ceases to entertain when it comes to fabricated royal stories.

"Prince Harry has turned to stepmother Camilla Parker-Bowles for advice about finding a wife," the site claims.

"Kate Middleton is livid that Prince Harry is ignoring her advice and has approached her arch rival Camilla for help choosing a Royal bride."


"The Duchess of Cambridge loves her brother-in-law and wants to see him happy," the site helpfully points out.

"Sources say she is not going to let Camilla influence Harry’s choice of a Royal bride. An insider says this latest development has 'sparked a royal war.

You can bet Kate will go all-out to find Harry a bride before Camilla does.'"

Right, so in January Harry reportedly admitted to wanting to get married.

"I’m not dating and for the first time ever I want to find a wife,” the prince was believe to have told TV presenter Denise van Outen at a party.

Then it was revealed that he hooked up with American Juliette Labelle over the New Year in Los Angeles.  Now it's anyone's guess who Harry is snogging at the moment, and with his upcoming official visit to Nepal, there is no time to fit in a royal wedding by year's end.

Should Harry need a royal bride at the ready, I volunteer.

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