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Moments ago, Dr. Ben Carson endorsed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Gentle Ben’s seal of approval might secure Trump some votes as primary season enters a critical stage, and now it seems the Donald might be enjoying some low-key support from an equally divisive, but much, much, much less soft-spoken figure:

Kanye West in LAX
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Donald Trump on the Campaign Trail
Photo via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WEN

Yes, according to Page Six, Kanye West is a full-blown Trumpeter, a fact which has apparently caused some friction with his liberal wife and in-laws.

“He’s not going to vote for Trump but he supports him,” one insider claims. 

Interestingly, Kim Kardashian is a Hillary Clinton supporter, and she and Kanye have already donated to the former secretary of state’s campaign.

In the interest of not openly defying his wife, Kanye doesn’t express his views on Trump on social media, but several sources confirm that he was overheard expressing his fondness for the real estate mogul during a recent cross-country flight.

Trump has praised Kanye in the past and even joked about looking forward to running against the rapper in 2020. 

We’re not sure how Kanye can justify becoming a Trump supporter after years of openly praising President Obama, but please – do not ask Kanye to explain himself.

We’re not sure if Twitter can handle that many all caps tweets ending in "BRUH!"

Trump has yet to respond to the rumors of West’s surreptitious endorsement, but considering he’s been called the Kanye of politics, we’re sure Donald thinks the news is just yuuuuuge.