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In a preview for Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, we saw Corey Simms win custody of his twin girls.

In the months since that scene was filmed, Corey and Leah have worked out a more amicable arrangement, but it seems they’re still far from a peaceful co-parenting situation.

Miranda, Leah and Corey

Though she’s reportedly clean and sober these days, Leah had a drug problem that was well-documented on the show last season. 

Apparently, Corey didn’t feel that producers showed enough of Leah’s intoxicated behavior, and according to Radar Online, he’s so irate about the preferential treatment she received that he’s ready to quit the show.

“He thinks they had the perfect opportunity to show viewers, ‘This is what happens when you get on drugs, this is the reality.’ Instead, they made it seem like Corey was constantly attacking Leah for no reason," says one insider.

After watching what he thought was a glossing-over of Leah’s prescription painkiller addiction, Corey reportedly decided that he and his wife, Miranda Simms, would appear in only a few episodes of the show this season.

Sources say the couple will likely bow out entirely if the show gets renewed for an eighth season.

“Corey told MTV just what he thought about the situation, and said that he and Miranda would not film nearly as much as in past seasons,” the source says. “Producers understood.”

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to see what may be Corey and Miranda’s final scenes on the series.