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Some will look at her and see a toned body.  Others will see a pregnant woman pushing herself too hard.

Chontel Duncan: Pregnant Fitness Model

This is what it’s like for Australian fitness model, Chontel Duncan, who has amassed over 215,000 Instagram followers with her motivational photos.

Duncan and her husband, Sam are expecting their first child together (a boy) on March 30th.  Several people have commented on Duncan’s fit physique, claiming that she’s putting her unborn son in danger.

"People think I’m harming my baby … and that I’m all about staying skinny and not nourishing my little D,” Duncan told Us Weekly.

“I know it’s hard to believe that someone can carry a child the way I am, but in reality, a lot of women carry like me.

“I’m extremely tall, I’m 6-foot-1,” Duncan explained.  “My torso especially is very long and my core strength is very strong.”

“No comment can dull my shine,” says Duncan. “I’m literally smiling every day, and so excited.” 

Despite some thinking that intense workouts are a bad idea so late into pregnancy, Ducan begs to differ.

“I can modify any exercise to work with my pregnancy,” the Aussie sad.

“I’ve eaten exactly the same as before, except no alcohol and runny eggs!”