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Over the past few months, Ariel Winter has gone from supporting player on a long-running sitcom to full-blown star in her own right.

Sure, Ariel’s Instagram photos get a lot of attention, but unlike many celebs her age, Ms. Winter is also known for her strong views on a number of important matters, which she expresses eloquently and without shame:

Ariel Winter Bikini Video

Most recently, Ariel was one of the many celebs who defended Kim Kardashian’s latest nude selfie, which for some reason led to the reality star being publicly shamed and attacked as a bad role model.

Kim has been expressing her thanks to Emily Ratajkowski and other celebs who supported her last week, and today, it was Ariel’s turn to receive a flower arrangement and heartfelt note from Ms. Kardashian-West.

Ariel posted a photo of the flowers, along with a caption reading, "’Women supporting other women is so powerful.’" – Mrs. West ps. I gotchu @kimkardashian always xo.’”

She’s only 18, but it sounds like Ms. Winter already knows exactly where she stands on issues pertaining to women’s rights.

So when Ariel posts a video of herself wearing a bikini, such as the one above, it may not be an overt political statement, but it does serve as a reminder that women, whether they’re famous or not, should be able to post pretty much whatever the hell they want on their social media pages without being degraded or having their motives questioned.

Pretty easy rule to remember.