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It’s been four days since Angela "Big Ang" Raiola passed away, and the celebrity tributes to the beloved Mob Wives star are still pouring in. 

Unfortunately, amidst all the fond remembrances and outpourings of grief, there’s been a surprising amount of controversy.

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First, unstable social media celebrity Tila Tequila attacked Ang in a bizarre Twitter tirade, and now, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster is being criticized for her comments about the late 55-year-old. 

"RIP courages [sic] Angela, I saw you, admired your fight and willingness to share @DrOz #invisibleillness #Warrior," Foster tweeted last week.

That may seem innocent enough, but many fans have taken issue with the sentiment, due to what they see as Foster using Big Ang’s illness in order to call attention to her own struggle with Lyme disease.

"Invisible illness" is a phrase that Yolanda has frequently used in connection to her own health problems, and some have suggested that her decision to tag Dr. Oz in a tweet about Raiola amounts to a desperate plea for an interview.

Of course, the aggressive stage four cancer that took Ang’s life is very much not an invisible illness, and many have questioned whether Foster is sufering from Lynme disease, or just an extreme case of hypochondriasis.

"Don’t compare your Munchausen disorder with Angela’s," tweeted one follower. "Brain & lung cancer is not invisible. Your mental state is."

"If you can’t pay respects without bringing yourself into it, then please just step off," wrote another.

Foster later apologized and even thanked the fans who pointed out that cancer is in now an "invisible illness."

However, as many have pointed on her social media pages, Yolanda has yet to delete the offending tweet.