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That seems like a fair assumption.

Pippa Middleton: British Heart Foundation's Roll Out The Red Ball
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Let’s forget for a moment that Pippa Middleton is probably/definitely dating investment banker and old Etonian James Matthews, and pretend she made plans to cruise her gym on February 14th.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry saw the photo and declared that the Duchess of Cambridge’s "tragically single sister spent a lonely Valentine’s Day at the gym, probably burning off some calories so that she could go buy some half-priced Valentine’s candy for herself after the holiday was over and go home and binge on it."

That’s way harsh, Ty. Also, that’s a run-on sentence.

"Apparently, Pippa never misses a workout, not even on Valentine’s Day," the super-sleuths at CDL went on.

"Either the socialite is VERY dedicated to her fitness – or like half of the people reading this, had no one to share the romantic holiday with and opted to go to the gym rather than crying in her pajamas and watching sappy movies all day by herself."


"The sad thing is, Pippa Middleton (although a little annoying and shamelessly riding her sister’s coattails), wouldn’t have any trouble finding a date for Valentine’s Day.  But, her sister Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth balk at any prospective gentlemen she tries to date, because they don’t think they are suitable to be dating one of the future Queen’s family members.

"The last thing they need is Pippa bringing more unnecessary scandal to the Royals," they claims.

Such as?

"As long as Pippa’s sister Kate Middleton is in line to be the future Queen Of England, Pippa is going to have to either settle for one of the less than interesting gentlemen that the Royals pick for her, or she could go against their wishes and date whomever she wants – but she can also plan on being ‘cut off’ if she does.

"It looks like Pippa’s greed and desperate need for fame and fortune is outweighing her desire to settle down and not spend the rest of her Valentine’s Days at the gym."

If this is the picture of a sad singleton, then consider me Bridget Jones.