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Kanye West wants a say in what wife Kim Kardashian and her sibs do business-wise, but there’s one formidable obstacle in his way:

Momager of the Year Kris Jenner is having none of it.

Kylie, Kendall, Kanye and Kris

As we previously reported, The Life of Pablo rapper attempted to shoot down Kylie Jenner’s deal with Puma … because of course he did.

Flying off the handle and being all over the place are vintage ‘Ye, but it turns out he made an enemy out of his mother-in-law in this case.

In fact, “it really pissed her off,” a family insider said.

The 60-year-old Kris Jenner "was completely livid" with Kanye "after he blasted the tweet saying that Kylie would not take the Puma deal."

"Kris personally worked on that deal!”

While the father of North, 2, and Saint, 3 months, has a lot of influence over his wife’s affairs, Jenner wants him to know who’s the real boss.

Matriarch Kris “made it clear to Kanye that she is in control of the family” and she didn’t pull any punches or mince words in the process. 

“Kanye fails to remember sometimes that Kris is the boss in the family and has a hand in all of her children’s endorsements,” the insider said.

“She told him that she decides which deals her daughters do, and not him,” and given her success as a businesswoman up until now?

Whether Kanye is $53 million in debt or not, and whether or not Kim’s Instagram video is a sign of trouble, he has no leg to stand on here.

Say what you will about Kris Jenner and the values she and her kids represent, but the woman is a mogul – a lot more so than f–king ‘Ye.

Back the hell up off, Mr. West.