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"But their love seems so real!" said no one ever.

Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe: Front Row at Desigual Fashion Show

While Bachelorette Kailyn Bristowe and her #1 rose recipient, Shawn Booth are keeping marriage talk at bay, former contestant JJ Lane is calling their relationship a total sham.

Lane spoke to In Touch about how Bristowe and Booth are sitting on a throne of lines together in the name of cash.  

And though he may be right in his assumptions that this is all a farce, Lane kinda sounds bitter to say the least.

“Kaitlyn and Shawn’s relationship is a sham,” Lane claimed. “They have a business relationship. Shawn is only sticking with her for the money.”

What about true love?  What about the televised wedding?  

“Shawn is such a jealous, insecure person,” Lane continued. “There is no way that Kaitlyn is going to be able to live her life long-term with a guy like that.”

Like any villain, Lane ended his interview with a zinger.

“I will revel in their divorce!” he proclaimed.

OK, guy.  chill out.

Few Bachelor/Bachelorettes have gone the distance with their rose recipient, so everything Lane is saying could possibly be true.

However, ABC must have some ironclad restrictions on what past and present contestants can and cannot say.

Bottom line: Save it for the tell-all, Lane (be sure to get through the legal tape first).