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Last week, Jenelle Evans launched her new website with a blog post about her relationship with her father

Jenelle Evans, Fake Boobs

The troubled Teen Mom star didn’t go into specifics, saying that she would save the details "for her book," but she did reveal that she hadn’t seen her father in quite some time.

Now, Jenelle’s father, Robert Evans, is speaking out for the first time in an interview with Radar Online, in which he reveals that he hasn’t seen his daughter in more than a decade.

Surprisingly, however, Robert does not accept responsibility for his absence from his children’s lives, and instead blames Jenelle and her siblings for their failure to contact him.

“They don’t call me,” he said. “They don’t get in touch with me. And I have no idea how to get in touch with them.”

In her blog post, Jenelle speculated that her father disappeared from her life as a result of her mother Barbara’s relationship with her second husband, writing:

“We use to have visitation with my father after the divorce, along with my brother and sister tagging along. These visitations lasted for a few years…until my mother met my step-father Mike.”

Robert, however, refutes this explanation:

“I was never down in North Carolina,” he tells Radar. “I never even knew him.”

Asked if he’d like to get in contact with his daughter, Robert replies that he would, but still leaves it up to her:

“Yeah I would probably like to get in contact with her,” he says. “If she wants to get ahold of me, my number is in the phone book. She can call me anytime she wants.”

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