Coco Flaunts Boobs, Waist Trains AND Takes Care of Baby!

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Say what you will about Coco Austin, the woman is a master multitasker.

Coco Austin with baby and waist trainer

In the latest photo she posted to Instagram, she is wearing a waist trainer, holding her infant baby and taking a selfie.


"Real life candid pic.. Training and watching my baby simultaneously.. The Coco way. Loving motherhood @waistedbykeke #ad," she captioned the photo.

So to all the new mothers out there who think you can't care for your child and wear a garment at the same time, Coco proves you wrong.

Like most women who enjoying putting their tremendous breasts on display (if that's not Coco, I don't know what is), Coco has come under fire since having baby Chanel back in November.

Fans have criticized her for continuing to wear skimpy clothing, because some folks think moms aren't supposed to look sexy.

But the buxom blonde had some choice words for her haters.

"I keep reading these stupid articles & ppl commenting that when u become a mother u have to stop dressing sexy.. oh please!" she tweeted, adding: "Me dressing the way I want to will not interfere with me raising my child."

And who knows, by keeping her boobies out, maybe she's just trying to whet the kid's appetite. 

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