Blac Chyna: Busted For Possession of Ecstasy, Xanax

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As you may have heard, Blac Chyna was arrested at Austin International Airport over the weekend.

Blac Chyna winking

Early reports had the model and girlfriend of Rob Kardashian getting arrested for being drunk and disorderly at an airport bar.

Now, it seems that Blac did indeed make a scene, but that was just the beginning of her legal trouble.

TMZ is reporting that when cops searched Blac, they discovered two white pills with "glittery gold flakes" in a sunglasses case.

The pills were field tested and came back positive for MDMA, also known as Ecstasy.

Blac told police that she had taken Xanax, but it's not known if she was in possession of the drug, or if she had a prescription.

When asked if she had been drinking, Blac reportedly responded, "Of course," and then broke down crying.

Witnesses say the trouble started when a bartender refused to serve Blac the quantity of liquor that she was demanding.

She became "verbally aggressive," and an onlooker called the cops.

According to the police report, Blac was "passively resistive" with the arresting officers, going limp and refusing to walk when they attempted to remove her from the scene.

She wasn't in custody long, as Rob Kardashian drove 1,377 miles from LA to Austin to bail his new girlfriend out.

Unfortunately for Blac, it sounds like her legal troubles are just beginning.

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