Austin Swift: Taylor's Brother Slams Kanye West on Instagram

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In case you somehow haven't heard, Yeezy Season is once more upon us. Or to put that in terms non-Yeezus humans can understand, Kanye West is feuding with Taylor Swift again.

It all started last night when Kanye debuted his new album, which contains the lyrics, "I made that b-tch famous" in reference to Taylor. Understandably not thrilled with shout-out, Taylor condemned the song's "misogynistic message" and now some members of her inner circle are proving they've got her back:

That's a video posted last night by Taylor's brother, Austin Swift.

The clip shows Austin tossing a pair of Kanye's signature Yeezy sneakers in the trash.

Not the most subtle message, but then again, Kanye doesn't really respond to subtlety.

Yeezy claims he cleared the lyrics with Taylor and her people, but it seems that no one in Camp Swift recalls that conversation.

Given West's inconsistent relationship with the truth and love of ambushing other celebs, we're inclined to believe Taylor.

That said, the rapper did play a pretty big role in taking Swift from countryfied darling of the tween set to household name, and is she really shocked that she's been Yeezied once again?

It's tough to remember a time before Taylor ruled the music world, but when Kanye grabbed the mic from her in 2009, she was far from the hit-making juggernaut that she is today.

We're not saying she wouldn't be as famous as she is today if it weren't for Kanye, and we're definitely not saying it was cool for 'Ye to drop a B-bomb on her and claim she okayed it, but at the end of the day this is all Kanye-being-Kanye type stuff, so why is Team Taylor so shocked?

Ultimately, the situation is more complex than it initially seems.

All we're saying is, maybe Austin should hold onto those kicks.

They're expensive to begin with, and they'll probably be worth even more after Kanye gets torn limb-from-limb by rabid Swifties.

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