Tyga: Texts With Molly O'Malia Were Just About Music!!!

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This is becoming way too "He Said, She Said."

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Molly O'Malia

After an OK! cover story claimed that 14-year-old singer Molly O'Malia was coming between Tyga and Kylie Jenner, celebrity F-list lawyer Gloria Allred held a press conference to accuse the rapper of harassing her client via text message.

O'Malia is suing the magazine's editors for failing to sufficiently pixelate her photo, making it easy for Jenner fans to learn her identity and harass her.

The whole thing also makes Tyga look like a complete creep.

"The truth is that Tyga contacted me first," O'Malia told reporters.

"He direct messaged me on Instagram. I knew [who] he was, but I was surprised that he was contacting me.

"I began to feel uncomfortable when he asked me to FaceTime with him. He asked me to FaceTime three times, but I didn't do it.

"Because of my discomfort, I stopped responding...I'm speaking out today because I don't want what happened to me to happen to any other young girl."

Tyga's reps retaliated, claiming that their client reached out for strictly professional reasons.  He was interested in signing O'Malia to his record Label, Last King Records, and TMZ got ahold of a text that O'Malia wrote to Tyga, lying that she was 17.

The reason for a Facetime request was so that Tyga and his team could "talk business with O'Malia and watch her sing. 

At no point in time did O'Malia state that she felt "uncomfortable" about their interaction, the 26-year-old's reps stated.

Last night, O'Malia started a new Twitter account.  "Moving on from the drama," her bio read.

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