Tyga Spotted with Kylie Lookalike: The Resemblance is Insane!

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Tyga has just taken his creepiness to a new level.

Kylie Jenner at the Diamond Ball
Tyga at the Diamond Ball

It seemed the 26-year-old rapper was campaigning for the title of Creepy McCreeperton when he began dating current (as far as we know) girlfriend Kylie Jenner when she was just 17, then followed that up by:

And now, the artist formerly known as nobody has been seen with a girl who looks EXACTLY like Kylie.

The two were photographed walking together in a Beverly Hills parking garage yesterday, and HollywoodLife has identified the girl as Val Mercado.

A quick scroll through her Instagram feed makes you think she's totally Single White Female-ing Kylie, because the similarities are uncanny.

She's got big ol' lips like Kylie, pastel hair like Kylie, wears gobs of makeup like Kylie, takes cleavage shots and belfies like Kylie, always has her mouth partly open as if she just said "puh" like Kylie.


Val Mercado, Kylie Jenner doppelganger
Val Mercado cleavage
Val Mercado Poses Like Kylie
Val Mercado, Kylie Jenner Lookalike

Eerie, right?

Our theory is that Kylie's family (who is said to loathe Tyga) paid Russian scientists to create a Kylie cyborg in order to lure T-Raww away from their youngest kash kow so she can get on with her life and start dating a more well-known and profitable young man.

Or maybe Tyga's just weird and gross.

Friends of Kylie say she's been distancing herself from Tyga after his alleged string of douchey behavior. Could this be the final push she needs?

Here's to hoping.

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