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Ah, celebrities: They’re just like you and me. It seems they, too, post racy photos to social media to make their exes jealous.

Hot Nick Jonas
Photo via FayesVision/

At least that’s what Kate Hudson did, according to Us Weekly.

A source tells the magazine that back in November, Kate had her stylist Sophie Lopez post a photo of the actress lying ass up in a bubble bath.

The reason? To get the attention of Kate’s former boy toy Nick Jonas.

Sophie posted the pic to her own Instagram, and although Kate’s face can’t be seen, she basically confirmed it was her by commenting, “Omg! You’re so fired! #fabletics”

May as well get a plug in for your workout wear line.

According to the source, the photo was uploaded after the couple’s alleged fling had cooled down.

Have a look at the butt pic:

Kate Hudson bares butt in bathtub

It may sound a little far-fetched, but if it’s true, we can’t decide if it’s masterful or totally transparent.

We can only guess what kind of convo might’ve gone down between Kate and her stylist…

Okay, so, I want Nick to see what he’s missing. Because, I mean, look at my ass, duh.

So here’s the plan: I’m gonna take a bath in some excellent lighting. You’ll just happen to be there with a camera. I’ll be face down to highlight my perfect buns, so make sure the bubbles are strategically placed.

Then, YOU’RE gonna post the pic but not actually tag me, because, I mean that would be too obvious. I’m gonna pretend to be mad and leave a comment. Then Nick will see it and totally miss the shit out of me! 

Sounds perfectly logical.

And her master plan just may have worked, because the two were spotted together on a ski trip to Mammoth earlier this month. 

What can we say? Well played, Kate.