This Cat Looks JUST LIKE Adam Driver and We're FREAKING OUT!

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Congratulations, Adam Driver. 

You've finally made it.

Adam Driver Cat

Granted, you starred on the smash HBO hit Girls for a number of years.

And, yes, you are the key villain in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a small little movie that has gone on to gross more money than any film in the history of the world.

Those are wonderful. They're great. Your parents should be very proud of those nice accomplishments and everything.

But now you've finally garnered true viral fame. And you owe it all to a cat named Corey.

Corey was just hanging out at the Monmouth County SPCA on Friday, hoping to land a forever home, when a Twitter user named Maci Robin changed the feline's life.

"Tell me this cat at @TheMCSPCA doesn't look like Adam Driver," Robin wrote.

And that's all it took for everyone from The Huffington Post to MSN to My Fanatic to pick up on the story and for the photo of Corey to make it way all around the Internet.

Sadly, however, if you were hoping to add a pet to your collection who resembles the most recent host of Saturday Night Live... well... we have some bad news for you.

Corey has been adopted.

Adopted Cat

This is terrific news for Corey, of course.

"Corey aka #kyloren has been adopted! Thanks for all of the shares! #adamdriver #kylorencat @MarciRobin," the Monmouth County SPCA wrote as a caption to the above image.

Good. It's about time you did something positive for humanity, Adam Driver!

(That's a Kylo Ren joke. We're just kidding, man. We know it was just a role you played.)

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