Sugar Bear to Mama June: I Had Truck Sex with My Ex-Wife!

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Earlier this week we learned that Mike Thompson, aka "Sugar Bear," admitted to dabbling sexually with men in the past, and now he's just letting all the cats out of the bag.

In a preview clip of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars obtained by Radar Online, he revealed three more sexual dalliances, including one with his ex-wife.

Mama June and Sugar Bear at Marriage Boot Camp

As far as we know, these were all with women. 

Still reeling from the news of Sugar Bear's same-sex experimentation, his lady love Mama June Shannon was still feeling her female intuition poking away at her.

“I feel like there may be more,” she told Sugar. “Whether it’s going to kill me or make me better, I want you to be completely honest.”

Sugar Bear unburdened his soul and admitted to having sex with another unnamed woman - but was quick to point out that SHE seduced HIM. Twice.


He then spilled the beans about having sex in a truck with his ex-wife by first uttering a series of nonsensical sounds, then said:

“I stopped there, but I didn’t get out of the truck. One time!”

I guess that means they only engaged in relations once, not twice like with the other seductress.

Lastly, he said he tried to have sex with a girl in a motel, but his plans went awry.

"I did not sleep with her," he proudly declares. "When I got there she says, I was not what she was wantin'.”

However, when asked if he would've slept with her had she be willing, he says he probably would have.

Mama June, obviously upset, said her gut knew it all along.

"Okay now the ones I was telling you that you was doing, you're telling me, I'm right," she tells him.

"Yep, you were right," he said (we think).

Now that Sug has come clean and Mama June knows the truth, can they move on to enjoy a happy, healthy partnership between trusted souls? 

That tidbit is still to be determined. 

And if you feel anything like I do right about now, you probably have a strong urge to take a shower.

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