Scott Disick and Lina Sandberg: Dating?!

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Last we checked in on Scott Disick he was trying to win back his baby mama despite the fact that the whole world knew Kourtney Kardashian was banging Justin Bieber.

There was talk of Disick seducing Selena Gomez in hopes of a revenge bang, but it seems those plans never materialized. Fortunately, you can't keep a good Lord down, and several sources are now reporting that Scott is gettin' it in with Swedish model Lina Sandberg.

Douchelord Disick
Lina Sandberg

"He's seen her a few times in L.A. and thinks she's really hot," a source tells Us Weekly. "He's definitely interested and seeing where it goes."

Yes, even though Scott cheated on Kourtney with Chloe Bartoli that relationship quickly fizzled, and Scott reportedly proceeded to hook up with a bunch of models.

Then he went to rehab, sobered up, and decided he wanted Kourtney back.

Now that he's realized that's never gonna happen, Scott's back to banging models. There are worse ways to handle bad news.

Anyway, Lina is apparently Disick's flavor of the month, but we're assuming it won't last.

The guy couldn't even stay faithful to the mother of his children; we doubt he'll keep it in his pants for a random Swedish chick he met in the VIP at 1Oak.

Whatever happens, of course, the tables definitely seem to have turned in Scott's favor.

Not only is he in a new relationship, Kourtney has been freshly kicked to the curb, as evidenced by the photos of Bieber kissing Hailey Baldwin on New Year's Eve.

Kourt better find herself a new world famous pop star pronto, otherwise Scott is totally gonna win this breakup.

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