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The Robertson clan is back and better than ever on A&E with their familiar brand of family comedy, business success and silly antics.

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Watch Duck Dynasty Season 9 Episode 1 Online
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Watch Duck Dynasty Season 9 Episode 2 Online

Wednesday night, on Duck Dynasty Season 9 Episode 1, Missy’s parents came for a visit, with her father going hunting with Jase.

Did Jase hunt down any quail? Somehow, he had more than that on his mind with his in-laws in town … you’ll see what we mean!

Meanwhile, Willie Robertson helped his eldest son, the newly-married and all-grown-up John Luke, start a snow cone business.

Willie knows a thing or two about business. And fatherhood.

At times, of course, these truths go to his head and his advice doesn’t turn out quite the way he imagines it will. But he means well!

Part of the show’s remarkable staying power is how relatable it is, however, and life lessons like this are a prime example of why.

Through it all, Willie always comes through for the family.

Later, on Duck Dynasty Season 9 Episode 2, Jep ended up locked in a storage container after he tried to help Si with something.

Yes, sometimes the storylines stray into the ridiculously scripted territory, but darned if they still aren’t fun to watch for longtime fans.

Ever the dutiful father as well as son-in-law, Jase spent this installment helping daughter Mia prepare for a cheerleading competition.

We promise you that won’t disappoint. Not that Jase ever does.

Just follow the link to watch Duck Dynasty online and see both episodes for yourself from start to finish. You will be glad you did so.

Then check out our time-honored gallery of the Robertsons without beards below, because like the show itself, that never gets old …