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Well, it it wasn’t on before, it certainly is now.

First, we learned that Blac Chyna is hooking up with Rob Kardashian, a move that many believe is a ploy for Blac to get back at Kylie Jenner for stealing her fiance and baby daddy, Tyga. In case that wasn’t soapy enough for you, Blac’s bestie Amber Rose is apparently helping her launch a two-pronged attack against the Kard clan:

Amber Rose with a Selfie
Scott Disick Leaves The Nice Guy
Photo via 3rd Eye/WENN.COM

Earlier today, some astute Instagram users noticed that Amber is now following Scott Disick on the site.

Many thought that it was a public middle finger to piss Kourtney Kardashian off, but now it seems there may be much more to Scott and Amber’s relationship than anyone realized.

According to Radar Online, Amber spent the weekend in Vegas, partying not only with Scott, but also with Khloe Kardashian’s ex french Montana.

Sources say they traveled with a large group, and there’s no reason to think anything sexual went on, but obviously, all parties involved knew how the situation would be perceived.

Basically, the war between Team Blac-Amber and the Kard Clan is 100% back on, and the underdogs just pulled off the illest sneak attack since Washington crossed the damn Delaware.

We already know that Khloe is pissed about the situation, and while her sisters have yet to speak out, it’s safe to assume they feel the same.

The dudes are 100% being used as pawns here, but we’re sure they’re cool with it.

After all, at least one of them is getting laid out of the situation. So what if kinda, completely betray his family in order to get in?

War requires all kinds of sacrifices.