Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez: Stay Away From Justin Bieber!

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If you're a Taylor Swift fan, you know the girl is fiercely protective of her squad. You probably also know that Taylor and Justin Bieber aren't exactly BFFs.

So it's not surprising that Taylor will do anything in her power to discourage her gal pal Selena Gomez from giving the Biebs another chance - even if it means flying her halfway around the world.

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Taylor is currently in Australia for the final leg of her marathon 1989 tour.

Appropriately, she'll also be celebrating her 26th birthday Down Under on December 13.

Naturally, Taylor is planning to make the celebration a star-studded affair, which means most of the squad will be in attendance.

But while A-listers ranging from Oprah to Ed Sheeran are expected to make the trip, sources say Taylor's top priority is getting Selena down to Sydney so that she can talk her friend out of getting back together with Justin.

Insiders say Taylor is basically the only reason that Selena hasn't reconciled with Justin already.

She's apparently powerless when it comes to the Biebs, and even though she knows it'll end inheartbreak, Selena is reportedly helpless against his charm.

Apparently, when Taylor saw the footage of Bieber serenading Selena that recently made the rounds online, she knew she needed to get Selena to join her on tour ASAP.

Sources say the plan is to get Selena to have so much fun with her female friends that she'll realize she doesn't need Justin.

We imagine it'll work for a little while - but you know we're in store for at least one more Bieber-Selena reconciliation.

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