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A blasphemous video of Sarah Silverman hanging out with her feminist BFF, Jesus Christ, has hit the Internet this week. You can imagine the response.

In the five-minute clip, she bonds with Christ over an NCIS marathon, a back rub and a discussion of some of life’s enduring mysteries and debated topics.

Including when life begins. Not at conception, the Messiah informs her, but at age 40. Watch her not-subtle take on women’s reproductive rights below:

Sarah Silverman Meets Jesus Christ

The video promotes "V to Shining V," a national reproductive-rights pride day scheduled for September 28. Rallies are planned for all 50 state capitals.

Silverman has tread this progressive political path before with her outrageous clips that draw predictably polarized reactions. Plenty of people love her.

Others hate her … like really, really despise her.

No matter how disrespectful her envelope-pushing efforts, the coverage and commentary she receives from critics is so vile that this is tame by comparison.

Ironic. As is the fact that the intense backlash only bolsters such efforts from Silverman, who seems to embrace the rage she feeds rather than tone it down.

No idea why she had to drag TV’s #1 drama into this issue, however. Liberal or conservative, religious or Athiest, who doesn’t love to watch NCIS online?!

Seriously. Let’s come together, not grow apart.