Patrick Dempsey: Shonda Rimes Killed Me Off, But It's Cool

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It was a bold move, killing McDreamy off Grey's Anatomy.

Patrick Dempsey: World Premiere of Spectre

After 11 seasons, Derek Shepherd died in a car crash.  It would have been your run-of-the-mill TV tragedy, had the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes, not hinted that she sometimes kills off characters for persona reasons.

On November Rimes made headlines during an appearance The Nightly Show With Larry Whitmore​.

"Have you ever killed off a character because you didn't like the actor?" Whitmore asked.

"And extra bonus points, who was it? Don't even think about lying."

Rimes' response: "Yes, and I'm not naming names."

Dempsey gets it, though.

"I think she loves being provocative, and that's fine for who she is," Dempsey told Entertainment Weekly.

"That gets people talking about all the stuff that she's doing. She's an amazing woman who is incredibly productive. She's promoting a book. She's promoting three shows.

"And she's emerging as the star of all of these things."

Dempsey, who's currently filming Bridget Jones's Baby with Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth, says he's "very happy to have moved on with a difference chapter" in his life.

"She's very savvy," he added.  "I think she knows how to deal with the media and what she needs to say to get the response that she’s looking for."

Do you think it was personal, killing off McDreamy? 

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