Khloe Kardashian: Cheating on James Harden With French Montana?!

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Khloe Kardashian has been dating James Harden for six months now, and the relationship has already been put to the test several times.

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Khloe called off her divorce from Lamar Odom after the NBA star nearly lost his life from a drug overdose.

Harden stuck by Khloe's side throughout the ordeal, and those closest to the couple say it brought them even closer together.

Now, however, one of Khloe's other exes might be causing problems in Hardashian Land:

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Khloe has been hanging out with French Montana behind Harden's back.

Khloe and French dated for several months last year, and apparently Khlo still has a soft spor for the geographically-named rapper.

“James has enough on his plate right now and Khloe, on top of it, is too much for him to eat," says one insider. "His team is playing poorly and to add insult to injury, Khloe’s out kicking it with French Montana.”

Yes, the Rockets may be sucking on the court, but it seems they're on point when it comes to hassling Harden about his relationship:

“His team is giving him sh-t because everybody in the world knows French and Khloe did the bunny hop together,” the source claims.

“One of his teammates told him that he should just get himself a groupie and call it a day because Khloe’s not worth all the headache.”

We doubt his teammates used the term "bunny hop," but the point is clear.

The insider says James was cool with Khloe tending to Lamar, but her recent dalliances with French may be too much for him to take:

“James isn’t a jealous person. He could understand if she was at Lamar’s bedside," the source says.

"That he gets. But her out at a concert with her ex French? That’s not cool. He’s wondering if Khloe’s the right woman for him,”

Of course, we know from their first go-round that French isn't interested in a relationship, so Khloe may be back on the market once they're through doing the bunny hop.

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