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Those lazy days of summer can lead to violence.

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Not really, except if your name is Jenelle Evans.

This past August, Evans allegedly threw a glass at Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend, Jessica Henry when the couple stopped by Evans’ South Carolina home.

Henry is bringing Evans in front of a jury for assault and battery charges.

“The case will automatically come to jury court," The Administrator for the Horry County, South Carolina told Radar Online.

"A notice will be sent to [Jenelle and her attorney] in the mail notifying them of the date of the trial. It will be sometime next year.”

It’s believed that Evans doesn’t really have a leg to stand on when it comes to winning this case, simply because the police report is whack.

The officer at the scene explained that Jenelle “stated that she walked outside and the victim got out of the truck.

"The arrestee claimed that she was in fear, so she threw water at the victim and the jar slipped from her hand.

The arrestee stated that the victim caught the jar and threw it back at the arrestee, striking her back and then broke.”

If this were the case, the officer pointed out, the glass would have shattered in a different place than where Evans said.

“This would have made the broken glass somewhere farther in the driveway,” the statement read, also noting that Evans had no evidence of being hit.

“I looked and did not observe any redness or any other injury to the arrestee’s back,” the officer wrote.

Hokay, then.