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This is so ridiculous that it’s almost offensive.

Caitlyn Jenner's Star Magazine Cover

Star Magazine‘s latest cover story has Caitlyn Jenner wanting to go back to being Bruce.

"Caitlyn wanted to be a woman her whole life, but now that it’s happened, she’s disappointed," a source claims.

"Caitlyn is really thinking twice about the decisions she made to get to this point."

The publication is likely referencing the backlash Jenner has received from certain LGBT groups who claim she’s a terrible role model for transgender youths.

When Jenner appeared on Ellen, she wavered on the issue of gay marriage, which shocked DeGeneres.

"In many ways, actually, things have become worse for her," the source said.  "Caitlyn is starting to wonder if she hasn’t made a gigantic mistake."

The story also claims that Caitlyn remains attracted to women, which is really putting a damper on her romantic life.

"She does not want to date men and is still deeply attracted to women, but not many women are comfortable dating a woman who used to be a man."

Especially, the source continues, one "as high-profile as Caitlyn."

If you thought that was outrageous, just wait. In news that is none of our business, Caitlyn may have kept her man parts.

"Caitlyn has always played it coy when people ask if she’s had her genitals altered, but the truth is she wants to remain a man."

"At least in that sense. It’s just not a step she’s been ready to take."

This is … how did this get past a legal team? Have they not seen it yet?

It continues: "Transitioning hasn’t given her the life she thought it would. She even told her kids: ‘I hate being a woman!’"

"’I feel ugly, but as Bruce I used to be so handsome and happy.’" 

I… whatever.