Caitlyn Jenner: Who Slammed Her Now?

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Months after Caitlyn Jenner came out as... well... Caitlyn Jenner, the backlash against the reality star is growing very strong.

Caitlyn Jenner Red Carpet Pic
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Last week, for example, Caitlyn gave the keyboard address at the Speaker Series luncheon for Chicago House, an organization that provides important services for those in the LGBT community.

Soon afterward, a protesting group rallied against Jenner outside the Chicago Hilton, telling her she’s an “insult to trans people” and "to women."

Then, over the weekend, the husband of a 9/11 hero who was honored 14 years ago with a Glamour Woman of the Year Award actually gave the award back.

This was his own form of a protest against Jenner, who was honored this year with the same distinction, much to the consternation of this husband, who asked online:

"Was there no woman in America, or the rest of the world, more deserving than this man?"

Now, Rose McGowan has come out with her own critique of Caitlyn Jenner.

She has slammed the reality star for something Caitlyn said in her Glamour acceptance speech that the “hardest part about being a woman is figuring out what to wear.”

Jenner was likely joking, but McGowan definitely is not laughing.

"Caitlyn Jenner you do not understand what being a woman is about at all," McGown wrote on Facebook.

"You want to be a woman and stand with us- well learn us. We are more than deciding what to wear. We are more than the stereotypes foisted upon us by people like you.

"You're a woman now? Well f—king learn that we have had a VERY different experience than your life of male privilege."

The actress wasn't done, either. She continued:

"Woman of the year? No, not until you wake up and join the fight. Being a woman comes with a lot of baggage. The weight of unequal history.

"You'd do well to learn it. You'd do well to wake up. Woman of the year? Not by a long f—king shot."

The lesson here is likely that Caitlyn does need to be careful with her words.

She can't join the fight for equality so late in the game and then act as if she understands every aspect of the fight, that's for sure.

But many also think McGowan crossed a few lines herself, considering she included some violent memes in her Facebook rant, such as that of a woman getting raped and even O.J. Simpson's late wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, covered in bruises.

The message being: No, Caitlyn, what to wear is not an actual concern of most women, not compared to these REAL concerns.

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