Sister Wives Season 6 Episode 13 Recap: Catfished!!

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Sister Wives Season 6 Episode 13 took us inside this summer's catfishing scandal that roiled our beloved rag tag band of TLC polygamists.

Meri Brown on Sister Wives

As you may have heard whether you watch Sister Wives online or not, one of Kody Brown's wives was wooed, lured and abused by online admirer.

One who masqueraded as a male, but was really a female.

The con artist even threatened to "damage" her family, we learned on Sister Wives Season 6 Episode 13, an installment devoted to the scandal.

Meri said she felt lost and emotionally volatile when her daughter, Mariah, left for college, and it was that feeling of loneliness that led her astray.

Her unconventional family makeup played a role as well.

"Usually when people go through empty nest it's a couple doing it together," she said through tears. "In a plural situation that's not the case."

"I'm in a place where I just feel alone, isolated, lonely.”

Innocent online chat sessions became a full blown Meri Brown catfish scandal when the shady character on the web "really made me trust him."

"I felt this release," she explained to the cameras.

"It just felt really good to laugh."

When the man, who was actually a woman, started expressing love and attraction towards her, Brown admits that she felt flattered, albeit confused.

"He was making me really start to feel love for who he was portraying himself to be," she admitted, though she said she was not interested in romance.

That's when things got to get weird, she says:

"There were times I was talking to him that I knew he was just feeding me bulls--t, and I chose to ignore it because I enjoyed just talking to somebody."

But as she tried to shut him/her down, the online persona got pushy with her, and then increasingly defensive when Meri began to turn up the heat.

"When I would ask him about it he would flip out," she said. "He would be almost verbally abusive with me," and then it got to an even scarier point.

He claimed he had "technologically-savvy friends" who could do "damage," and at some point after that, Meri says she learned he was really a she.

Brown told all this to the cameras; Meri making the admission to her family is something that did not happen this week at least. Perhaps next Sunday.

On TLC's Sister Wives: Tell All two-hour reunion, we're guessing there's no way this isn't a primary focal point and all will address it together then.

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