How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 9: #WhoShotAnnalise?

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There were just a few pesky questions we needed answers to on How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 9:

Who shot Annalise Keating? Who killed Emily Sinclar? How did Catherine end up slung over Frank massive shoulders?

Shonda Rhimes and company did provide us with answers, while also laying the groundwork for plenty more questions and a lot more confusion as we embark on an extended winter hiatus.

Here's a rundown of what we learned during an intense hour:

After Sinclair leaked to the media every ounce of dirt Annalise uncovered about him, Asher’s dad hanged himself in his office.

Once Catherine vanished (after she discovered the gun had been found in the heating vent; her gun, we assume), Annalise decided she could only represent one of the Hapstall siblings, going with Caleb.

Bonnie showed up at the Hapstall resident with a gift in her trunk for Annalise: Sinclair’s corpse, which was wrapped in a flannel blanket.

The lawyer had taunted Asher by saying his dad deserved what happened to him (because he covered up Tiffany’s rape), prompting Asher to back over her with his car and leave her under there for a half an hour until Bonnie came by and saved the day.

In order to protect Nate, Annalise figures she must make it appear as if Catherine killed Sinclair at the Hapstall mansion. So Connor and Michaela help Bonnie and Asher carry the attorney’s body up many flights of stairs… before deciding this plan is nuts and dropping her over the balcony.

Bonnie then tells Connor he’ll be next if he backs out, while Asher is unconvinced that the fall would produce the same injuries as his car - and Annalise leaves a long “Come back to the house” voicemail with Catherine to throw off the police scent.

With Frank having subduing Catherine at a hotel via the drugs Annalise has procured for Nia, Asher and Bonnie stop at a gas station so that Bonnie can throw away her bloody blouse and the tandem can send their vehicle through the car wash.

Philip - unable to track down Catherine - goes to the mansion to see if he can find her there.

Annalise also heads there to do what she does best: she dials 911… says Catherine shot her… also says that Sinclair is on the scene… and tries to get each of her students to shoot her.

After the others refuse, Annalise taunts Wes with how Rebecca is dead and she’s been lying about it and then… BAM! He does the deed. But he shoots Annalise in the stomach, not in her leg like she had asked.

“Christoph! Christoph! Christoph! Christoph!” Annalise whispers, pleading as Wes looks over what he’s done. And, at least, viewers get a flashback to Wes as a child… in an interrogation room.

A young Annalise and Eve are both there, listening in as Wes tells the detective he was pretty positive his mother was already dead when he discovered her.

He seems almost irritated by the questioning. “Good God Annalise,” Eve asks, “What did we do?

And... cut to black!

You may need to watch How to Get Away with Murder online a few times to fully grasp all that went down during this winter finale.

It will return with new episodes on Thursday, February 11.

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