How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: It's HIM!

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After viewing How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 7, there's really only one question that can be asked:

It's WHO?!?

Yes, we know Annalise was talking about Wes in referencing him to Eve. But in what context? What about Wes?!?

While we ponder various theories and start the countdown already to How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 8, let's rundown a few lesser questions on our mind following about bat crap crazy installment of this drama...

Annalise eats potato skins and mozzarella sticks? And she can smile?!? These revelations resulted from a dive bar sit-down with Eve.

Was Mother Teresa a murderer? Yes, Annalise got her students to consider this possibility, while railing against the famous nun’s “inflated sense of self-worth.”

Is Nate innocent of killing Nia? Yes, as we know, and Even cleared him on all charges.

What’s going on between the Keating Four? In a flash forward, we see Connor and Michaela fleeing the Hapstall mansion, while Laurel and Wes are wondering how to use the latter’s gun to influence their actions. Major Tension Alert!

Does Bonnie believe Asher’s story about the Trotter Lake gang rape? Nope. It becomes clear in their exchange that Annalise has shared Bonnie’s past of sexual abuse with the man she loves.

How does Bonnie react to this revelation? Not well. “I want you to die,” she yells at Annalise. “That’s what I want. That it was you killed in this house, not Sam. Because he’d have never done this to me.

What is the context of the “HIM” drop? It comes after Eve accuses Annalise of framing Nate and protecting Wes in Sam’s murder case. Our favorite professor responds by dropping those two words. Eve softens immediately upon hearing them.

What was Bonnie doing on Shooting Night? In the closing seconds of the hour, Michaela and Connor are leaving the Hapstall mansion when they hear Sinclair’s body hit the pavement, look up and see ... Bonnie!

Why?!? Consider that the final question of the night, as you set off to watch How to Get Away with Murder online in order to catch right up with the amazing show.

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