Corey Simms Denies Hijacking Baby Name From Amber Scaggs

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Corey Simms is insisting he didn’t steal his ex-girlfriend’s baby name, because that is actually a thing causing drama on Twitter right now.

Corey and Miranda Simms

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that nearly nothing Corey or his ex-wife Leah Messer do passes without some major issue.

Still, this seems a little ridiculous even by their standards.

Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson welcomed a baby girl recently, which immediately sparked rumors of Leah not taking it well at all.

That soon gave way to alternate rumors ... that he swiped his newborn daughter’s unique name, Remington, from his ex Amber Scaggs.

Seriously. Both of them have little girls with that name now.

“The whole 'name stealing’ bulls--t is pretty funny, if you ask me,” he told Radar. “I guess everyone with the name ‘Amy’ or ‘Nick’ was stolen, too.”

Remington is no Nick, but we do see Corey's point, and who cares anyway? Not him, in large part because he has bigger issues to worry about.

Simms spoke of a “stressful time” in his life, likely referring to his daughter’s premature birth - not to mention his custody battle with Leah.

Corey recently won primary custody of their two daughters.

“It’s sad that in such a stressful time of mine and Miranda’s life, we have to deal with such unnecessary drama,” the reality star added.

Fortunately, Corey's Remington, who was born nearly two months early, is doing well, Simms’ father Jeff told Teen Mom 2 fans online.

“She is in NICU,” he said. “Doing great.”

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