Wendy Williams: Caitlyn Jenner is NOT a Woman!

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As we've established in the past, Wendy Williams pretty much sucks.

She's made a career out of shooting her mouth off in a way that's designed to elicit a response from her audience of fanatical devotees who never cease to be her amazed by Wendy's willingness to "tell it like it is." (Read: "say horrendous things about famous people.")

To make matters worse, Wendy has repeatedly demonstrated that she can dish it out but CANNOT take it.

When actress Janet Hubert called Williams a man, the talk show host and aspiring "next Oprah" wept in interviews and claimed that she'd never been so offended.

But for some reason, Wendy still views other people's gender identities as fair game for public mockery:

That's video from Wendy's show that aired yesterday. At around the 14-minute mark, she has this to say about the Kardashians Cosmo cover:

“It features all the Kardashian women. No, not Caitlyn. Caitlyn still has a member, so that is not a...I mean until you don’t, aren’t you caught in limbo?”

On cue, Wendy's audience shouted, "Yes!"

Of course, this isn't Williams first transphobic attack on Caitlyn.

Last year, Williams lamented "how awful" it kust have been for Caitlyn's children to grow up worried about the possibility that their father would show up to a PTA meeting "with a blowout, a shaved Adam's apple, pink nail polish."

Stay classy, Wendy.

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