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Prince Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson’s son, has a lot of unanswered questions. And now that Michael Jackson’s notorious doctor and confidant has passed away, Prince might get a few answers.

In agreement with the rumors that have been circulating for years, last week, Prince admitted Michael Jackson is not his father – biologically – for all intents and purposes in a not-so-cryptic tweet.

For most of Prince’s life, he has undoubtedly heard the chatter that his biological father is actually Michael’s doctor, Dr. Arnold Klein.

Over the years, Klein subtly hinted he is Prince’s father, even saying that he donated his sperm to MJ. But on the record, he denied the rumor.

Well, Dr. Klein passed away last week at the age of 70, and Prince is using his death as a chance to find answers about the truth of his father.

According to Radar Online, Prince is demanding a post-mortem DNA test to find out if Klein is truly his real dad.

“Prince is demanding that he find out once and for all who his real flesh and blood is,” said a source close to the Jackson family.

In 2009, only one month after Michael’s death, Dr. Klein sat down with Larry King for an interview.  He admitted that he is uncertain who is Prince’s father.

“I still can’t answer [the paternity question] absolutely one way or another. I once donated to the sperm bank. To the best of my knowledge I am not the father.”

His accusation was assumed to be for publicity and notoriety.  So it went without much thought.

But the Jackson insider said Prince took it to heart. Dr. Klein’s interview with Larry King only elevated Prince’s curiosity.

Later, Dr. Klein and Prince posed side-by-side for a photo, and their similarities were uncanny.  In fact, they looked almost identical.

Because there is mounting evidence that suggests Klein is the real father, “Prince is demanding to have a DNA test done on Arnie’s body before he is buried to determine who is biological father is once and for all,” the source explained.

Of course, Katherine and Joe Jackson are stepping in.

Michael’s parents are notorious for harboring deep and often shameful family secrets. As such, they are “urging against this being done.”

The source added, “Prince knows he is working against time and, although Michael will always be his father, he needs to know what his genetic makeup is.”

“Everyone in the family has always had doubts that Michael is any of their father,” referring to the singer’s other children Paris, 17, and Blanket, 13.

Though Prince wants to know who is real father is, he posted a cryptic social media update that suggests he will always consider Michael to be his father:

“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of my womb. I was raised by my dad with my brother and sister.”