Dr. Arnold Klein Dies; Friend of Michael Jackson, Rumored Father of Prince Jackson Was 70

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TMZ is reporting that Dr. Arnold Klein has passed away.

Klein was best known as a friend and personal physician of Michael Jackson's. He was also the subject of persistent rumors that he was the biological father of Jackson's children

Dr. Arnold Klein

Coincidentally, it was just earlier this week that 18-year-old Prince Jackson admitted for the first time that Jackson is probably not his biological father. He did not, however, offer any indication as to his father might be.

Klein was reportedly admitted to a hospital in Palm Springs earlier this week after complaining of severe abdominal pain.

He suffered from multiple sclerosis and was bound to a wheelchair for the last several months of his life.

Klein was investigated for supplying Jackson with drugs following the music legend's death, but he was never charged with any crimes.

In addition to his work with Jackson, Klein was well-known in the medical community for his pioneering work with Kaposi's sarcoma, a form of skin cancer often found in AIDS patients.

Jackson sought Klein out due to his reputation as one of the world's most skilled and knowledgeable dermatologists, but their relationship quickly took on a personal component, and Klein often spent holidays with Jackson and his children.

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