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Michael Jackson went to extremes to hide his kids from the public, but now they are going public like never before on a new reality series on Lifetime.

The Jacksons: Next Generation Scene

Prince, Paris and Blanket are among the many participants on The Jacksons: Next Generation, which quietly debuted October 2 on Lifetime.

The show focuses on the third generation of the famous family, specifically Taj, Taryll and T.J., Tito Jackson’s sons and nephews of the Jackson 5.

The siblings, also known as the music group 3T, have toured and sold more than three million records globally just off their debut album.

T.J. Jackson in particular has a unique perspective on how MJ’s kids are raised – he is their legal co-guardian – and why they want to do the show.

He says Prince, Paris and Blanket grew up differently than he did, and that his younger cousins were starting to feel trapped by a secluded lifestyle.

At 37, T.J. says with wisdom beyond his years that rather than exploiting the trio, this show is letting them come into their own appropriately.

In the clip above, he talks about telling the family’s story and legacy from their perspective, and always honoring matriarch Katherine Jackson.

Check it out. While Prince, Paris and especially Blanket being on the show at all is sure to raise eyebrows, it’s not the spectacle you might expect.