Kylie Jenner Does Caitlyn Jenner's Lipstick, Declares Herself "Lip Expert"

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If anyone knows lips, it's Kylie Jenner.

In fact, these days, Kylie's lips might be the most famous in the world, and the girl has a special talent for bringing attention to her famous pout.

Earlier this week, Kylie wore blue lipstick in honor of World Bullying Prevention Day - but apparently that wasn't enough.

Her anti-bullying campaign was inspired in part by the harassment endured by Caitlyn Jenner after she debuted her new identity to the world.

So it makes sense that she'd want Caitlyn to get down with the cause.

"I think you need to wear blue lips right now," Kylie tells Caitlyn in the above video.

Cait agrees, but she's clearly concerned about the outcome.

"Are you good at putting it on someone else?" Caitlyn asks, as Kylie gives her the Smurf-mouth look.

"Yes! I'm a lip expert," an annoyed Kylie replies. No arguing with that.

Naturally, the clip ends with an ad for Kylie's new app, but at least she's still putting some stuff on her Instagram page for free.

Of course, the best thing about this clip isn't the image of Kylie and Caitlyn rocking matching cobalt lips, but the fact that these two are bringing attention to a worthy cause.

It's also nice to see that the easy rapport between Kylie and Caitlyn hasn't changed a bit.

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