Joe Giuidice: Teresa and I Are Gonna Have Lots of Sex!

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If you're the one person on the planet who has any interest in hearing about Joe and Teresa Giudice's sex life, then today's your lucky day! 

Juicy Joe (Even his nickname will make you throw up in your mouth!) has been giving lots of interviews in the past few days, and in addition to admitting that it's his fault that Teresa is in prison, he's also opening up about all the sweaty sex he plans to have with his incarcerated wife once she's released.

Asked what he and Teresa will be doing once she's released, Joe responds exactly how you'd expect a guy who looks like Joe to respond:

“We’ll be spending a lot of time in the bedroom for awhile, that’s for sure — every night until I go in,” Joe says in the clip above. 

Sadly, they won't have much time for activities that leave the sheets covered in Aqua Velva and coarse, black hair-plug hair.

Teresa is expected to be released in December, but shortly thereafter, Joe will begin serving a 41-month sentence of his own.

Of course, the Juice Man isn't the only one looking forward to a between-bids roll in the hay.

Teresa says the lack of sex is one of the worst things about being behind bars.

In fact, she says she's been so starved for some lovin' that she watched Magic Mike and pictured Joe's head on Channing Tatum's body.

You're welcome for that image.

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