Jeremy Bieber: Proud of Son's Big Penis!

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It's been a couple days since a photo of Justin Bieber naked leaked online - and the Internet is still coming to terms with what it's seen.

As documented at the bottom of this post, most Twitters users are wildly impressed by what Bieber is packing down below, though the response of one user in particular now has the rest of the Web totally creeped out.

Justin Bieber Six-Pack Pic
Jeremy Bieber Pic

That would be Jeremy Bieber.

The singer's infamous father, whose bad influence on his son is well-documented, jumped online soon after Justin's unit got exposed to the world and wrote the following:

@justinbieber what do you feed that thing. #proud daddy.

Yes, Justin Bieber's FATHER just gave his son props on the size of his penis.

It is true, of course, that Bieber is not lacking for girth where it matters most for a guy. 

Heck, that's why insiders say Bieber isn't all that bothered about the nude photos getting out in the first place.

But most dads would not comment publicly on their grown child's genitals. Most dads probably wouldn't even look at their grown child's genitals.

This awkward Tweet aside, take a gander here at what others folks have said online about Justin Bieber's penis:

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