How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Oh, Asher...

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Sit back. Get comfortable. And maybe put a pot of coffee on.

Because there's a whole lot of crazy awesomeness went down on How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 5...

We opened with a flash forward to three weeks from now and a look at Bonnie at the Hapstall mansion, sprinting past Sinclair’s dead body and promising that it’s “almost over,” just as she gets into the car alongside...

... Asher?!?!?

So much for his clear innocence, huh?

We then cut to present day and see Bonnie making up a story about attempted rape by Sam to explain why she killed him.

This tale is backed up by Annalise, but certainly not by Asher, who at first tells Sinclair he knows the identity of Sam’s killer.

But then he flees the courthouse after realizing the big picture; i.e. that his father cut his own deal to avoid prosecution for judicial malfeasance.

Cut to dual bar scenes involving Asher, the first of which finds Sinclair trying to convince him that it’s never cool to kill people… and the second of which finds Bonnie telling Asher she loves him, through tears, no less.

Enter Annalise, who comes to the rescue by playing an old police-evidence videotape for Asher that depicts a grade-school age Bonnie being sexually abused by her own dad.

That does the gross trick. It leaves Asher crying.

Back to the flash forward: Asher pulls over so Bonnie can urinate, only for viewers to see her washing blood off her arms and possibly get rid of evidence that links her to one or both of the crimes from that night.

But when she returns to the car, Asher has left to make a statement to the local police.

The Keating Four, meanwhile, spent all week fearing that Asher has to know what they did to Sam.

Wes, however, is on his own mission into Rebecca’s disappearance… one that unfortunately ends with Annalise’s right hand man planting meth in Levi’s trunk, prompting the police to cart him off

So much for Michaela's first-ever orgasm, huh? Tough break.

Following this arrest, Michaela, Laurel, Connor and Wes visit the storage locker Frank badly wants them to find, discovering there a suitcase that doesn’t contain Rebecca’s body.

What does it contain? What looks like 20-dollar bills totaling at least $1 million. 

What will possibly be done with this cold, hard cash on How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 6?!?

Finally, Annalise and Nate have it out, with Nate telling her that Wes thinks she killed Rebecca and Annalise admitting to Nate:

"I hate what I did to you. I hate it. I hate myself. And I know you hate me, too."

What will Annalise if he ends up going down for Sam’s murder? She can’t exactly tell him that Bonnie is guilty of taking Sam out.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Frank get it on in Annalise’s basement, while Connor tells Oliver he loves him.

Any chance Oliver does not end up in jail before long?!?

Check out the official ABC promo for next Thursday's installment below and go watch How to Get Away with Murder online if you need to catch up before then.

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