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Rumors of Jay Z cheating on Beyonce have run rampant for years on gossip sites, but is Queen Bey the one with the wandering eye?

In his new biography Becoming Beyonce, J. Randy Taraborrelli reveals that the couple first exchanged numbers way back in 2001.

Jay began actively pursuing the then 20-year-old star, the author says, even visiting the Knowles family home in Houston, Texas.

Yet high school sweetheart Lyndall Locke was on her mind.

“There was a lot of grey area at this time,” Locke’s mother Lydia said “When you’ve been with someone so long, the end is not so cut-and-dried.”

One time, Locke called while she was in her hotel room with Jay Z and Snoop Dogg, and she claimed the rappers were like “older brothers.”

However, in 2002, the mogul whisked her away on a romantic trip to France; Beyonce called Locke to brag about her luxury vacation.

“I just jumped off a yacht into the water,” she allegedly said. “How cool is that? Jay didn’t think I could do it, but I sure showed him.”

But later in that same year, durng her 2002 world tour with Destiny’s Child, the singer considered picking Locke over the music icon.

“She couldn’t get Lyndall off her mind,” Taraborrelli claims.

She continued talking to Locke for two more years, he alleges, even after Jay basically told her to please not speak with him ever again.

“At one point she said, ‘I hate to tell you this, but Jay doesn’t want me speaking to you,” Locke recalls. “She talked to me anyway behind his back.

“She was just more discreet about it. I was too.”

In July 2004, she decided “she couldn’t allow Lyndall to remain an issue between her and Jay [who] now meant too much to her.”

The couple wed in 2008, and are still together, despite the Beyonce-Jay Z divorce rumors that are a 24-7-365 thing on the Internet.