How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Negligent Slut-Shaming

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We learned all about a sexual position known as "The Octopus" on How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 3.

But that wasn't all!

Questions were very much raised during the hour concerning the show’s main (and incestuous?!?) clients, Caleb and Catherine Hapstall, while we also learned that Nate and Wes may be in cahoots.

Awkward! Shocking! Confusing!

The Case of the Week centered on a sex-party proprietor accused of murdering a client with whom she was in love.

After discovering that this woman caused her lover to have a heart attack in order to expose their affair to his wife, Annalise lets loose with one of our favorite rants ever.

She calls her client a “negligent slut” and slams her for “giving those of us who really like sex a bad name."

In the end, though, Annalise does get her client off. Because she's just that good at her job.

We then move to a tabloid photo of Caleb and Catherine that raises the possibility that they act like far more than siblings at times. But they deny it.

The housekeeper was the one who leaked the picture and she insists it’s true… while also insisting they did kill their parents.

Elsewhere, parallel scenes reveal that Annalise nearly has sex with Nate (after he kills a rat in her basement) and with Nate (whose job she’s gotten back with the Philadelphia police department).

Neither boning happens, however, which takes us to seeing that Wes has paid a visit to Nate and that the men are working together. For reasons unknown.

"Why did they do it?" we see a wounded Annalise ask in this week's flash forward.

Also in this week's flash forward: The Keating Four flee the shooting scene and end up hitching a ride with Nate.

Elsewhere this week, while we look forward to How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 4:

  • Connor and Oliver are back to having sex.
  • Laurel takes up Frank on his offer to get to know him better, plying Bonnie with alcohol to get intel in the process.
  • Wes and Levi agree to team up in order to discover what happened to Rebecca, while Levi keeps up his seduction of Michaela.
  • Asher swipes Annalise’s memo recorder and and gives it to St. Clair, but she says his work for her is still not complete.

Take a look ahead at what's on tap next Thursday and remember to visit TV Fanatic if you need to watch How to Get Away with Murder online:

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