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After months of rumors that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez were headed for divorce, it was revealed today that the couple has decided to call it quits.

TMZ is reporting that Berry filed for divorce some time this week.

Though the 49-year-old actress was the one to file papers, sources say the decision was mutual – and a long time coming.

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“They have a personality difference,” one insider tells TMZ. “They’re just very different people.”

That “personality difference” was reportedly brought into stark relief after Martinez assaulted a photographer at LAX back in 2013.

Insiders say Berry likes to exercise tight control over her public image, and she was thoroughly humiliated by Martinez’s behavior.

Already pregnant with his baby at that point, she decided to stick with the relationship, but those closest to the Oscar-winning actress claim they knew then that the marriage was doomed.

Berry stopped wearing her wedding ring back in August, and she and Martinez have reportedly been living separate lives for the better part of a year.

Though they have a 2-year-old son together and Berry was (obviously) the majority breadwinner, it’s expected that the divorce will go smoothly as the couple signed an iron-clad prenup.