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Last week, we reported that Courtney Stodden might be pregnant.  This was not one of those cases where an anonymous source spilled the beans to a tabloid.

Courtney was papped while buying a pregnancy test at an LA convenient store during what we’re sure was a totally candid moment that was in no way orchestrated by her PR team. Now there’s this:

Courtney Stodden Butt Photo

To the untrained eye that may seem to be nothing more than an innocent photo of Courtney Stodden’s butt

What’s interesting, however, is that we usually only see Courtney Stodden’s boobs. It makes sense, as Stodden has huge boobs and she didn’t pay good money for them just to hide them from the world.

Some fans believe that by turning her back to the camera (literally) Courtney is subtly hinting at a growing baby bump.

Frankly, we think just she felt like mixing things up, and she’s well aware that asses are in these days.

We’re not saying that Courtney is definitely not pregnant, but we are saying that’s easy to spoil a thing of beauty by overthinking it.

Would you look at the Mona Lisa and wonder is she recently got knocked up by her elderly acting-coach-turned-husband? If so, you really need to work on your art appreciation skills, bruh.