Castle Season 8 Episode 3 Recap: The College Try

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Rick gave it the old college try on Castle Season 8 Episode 3. Literally.

A college student, dressed in a prison jumpsuit, was found dead early on, prompting Castle to go undercover as a professor.

We learned about a secret prison, along with a 1971 Stanford experiment that the Army was supposedly rebooting and… let’s just say the storyline was sort of a mess. We did like the sight of Rick in glasses, however.

In the end, the student was killed because he stole a scholarship from a young woman.

We don't mean to gloss over the important part, but is the Case of the Week ever really the important part on Castle?

Especially after Kate just up and left and walked out on the main couple's marriage?

Did the series look and/or feel different with these two apart? Not really, especially because they were barely apart.

Beckett is still Captain, after all, and she and Rick ended up trapped in a cell together toward the end of the hour. Their bodies even rubbed up against each other, with sparks clearly still present and few viewers out there (we assume) thinking there's any chance these two do not end up back together.

Overall, Beckett's basis for this (temporary) basis is pretty thin, which is what makes it so frustrating for viewers.

If she truly wanted to keep Rick safe as she hunts down leads regarding her mother's murder... wouldn't she stay completely away from him?

What did you think of the first post-breakup installment? Will you be tuning in for Castle Season 8 Episode 4 next Monday? Here's your first look at what's to come:

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