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If Kimberly Jackson of Norfolk, Va., has taught us one thing, it’s that when it comes to relationships, daytime sex can really heat things up.

Literally, when one’s doing it on the asphalt of a strip mall parking lot.

Woman Arrested For Having Sex with Passed Out Boyfriend

Perhaps the least hard to believe part of this story, which obviously ended with people seeing her, calling the cops and getting her arrested?

Kim was wasted out of her mind at the time of the sexual encounter.

The part that is legitimately surprising, however? Her boyfriend was even more intoxicated than she was when she decided to get up on it.

Dude was passed out, full-on unconscious drunk!

Watch the video above to see Jackson do her thing, and then offer a candid assessment of her behavior to the local news afterward.

Hey, at least she’s nothing if not honest.

Also, you’re far from alone, Kim. While they may not have been arrested for parking lot sex, these folks are s–tfaced enough to think about it: